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2024 Resident Newsletters

The resident newsletter is sent out with tax bills and has been a long-standing tradition in the Township. In 2023, the newsletter underwent a re-design to highlight key information for our residents. It is to be used in tandem with a digital version where the highlights in the physical newsletter are expanded on with more in-depth information and useful links.

January 2024 Resident Newsletter

Previous Newsletters

May 2023 Resident Newsletter

Read the May 2023 Resident Newsletter

More in-depth information about the articles from the newsletter is listed below.

  • Strategic Plan 2023-2026
    • The draft Strategic Plan will be available for public comment in late May / early June. Visit our Community Engagement page to read the draft Plan and submit your thoughts on it when it's available.
  • Burn Permits Available Online
  • Parking with Cobourg Police
    • The Cobourg Police Service (CPS) will be providing parking by-law enforcement in the Township throughout the summer. The CPS will provide parking and fire route by-law education and enforcement to foster positive community relations to promote awareness and adherence to posted by-laws, using the 'Five E' methodology of Engage, Explain, Educate, and Enforce. Key communities of focus will be Bewdley, Harwood, and Gores Landing. 
    • This is not an "on-demand" service - Special Constables will be on regular patrol throughout the summer.  If you have an on-going parking concern, please contact the Cobourg Police Services on their non-emergency line (905-372-6821) from 8:00am to 6:00pm (Monday to Friday) and 8:00am to 12:00pm (Saturday).
    • Read the Parking By-law 2017-13
  • Dog Tags Now Available Online
    • The Northumberland Humane Society is the Township's animal services provider. To assist with the delivery of this service and keeping our furry residents safe, dogs tags are now available for purchase online. For more information on the 2022/2023 dog tags, fees, and changes to animal services, please read the recent joint media release with Port Hope and Alnwick-Haldimand.
    • Click here to order your Dog Tags online.
  • Key Dates
  • Marriage Licences & Ceremonies
    • Need a marriage officiant, marriage licence, or place to hold your bridal shower, Jack n' Jill, wedding ceremony, or reception? The Township can help! Learn how to get a licence and book a Township facility by visiting the Township's Marriage webpage.
  • Roadside Brushing Program
    • Council recently approved the purchase of a new mower-tractor combo for more efficient, cleaner, and safer roadside brushing. Learn more about the safety concerns this equipment will address as well as the cost and time-savings this new equipment will generate by reading the March 21, 2023 Staff Report. 
  • Facility Rentals Available
    • Check out the list of facilities and amenities available to rent for your next event - large or small! Baby showers, birthday parties, fundraisers, ball tournaments, craft shows, Jack n' Jill's, weddings, hockey tournaments, family skating, celebration of life, or Christmas baking - the Township has a facility for every life event!
  • 2023 Budget
    • The 2023 Annual Budget is $13.7 million (excluding Building and Water departmental budgets). This includes the $11.4 million operating and $2.3 million capital budgets. The budget represents a net levy increase of 5.8% after assessment growth. 
    • Investment by Department: General Government (10%), Planning and Development (2%), Protection Services (30%), Transportation Services (41%), Recreation and Cultural Services (16%), Community Grants and Other Committees (1%)
    • How Services are Funded: Property Tax (81%), Other Revenues (18%), Contribution from Reserve (1%)
    • Capital Investments by Asset in the 2023 Capital Budget: Fire Services ($25,000), Roads-Fleet ($445,000), Roads ($1,722,064), Planning ($12,000), Parks & Facilities ($110,000), General Government ($20,000)
  • Water Systems 100% Compliant
    • Congratulations to our Water Operations Department for achieving 100% compliance on our Annual Drinking Water Plant Inspections conducted by the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation, and Parks for both the Creighton Heights (Baltimore) and Camborne Water Systems. 
  • ORVS on Roads
    • Off-Road Vehicles are permitted to drive on Township roads and some specific portions of County roads. For speed limits, hours of operation, fines for non-compliance, and how to submit compliments or complaints about the program, please visit the ORV webpage.
  • 2023 Investments in Our Community
    • Creighton Heights Water Supply Master Plan Study - $150,000. 
      • In order for the community of Baltimore and areas to the South, along Cty Rd 45 to grow in a wholesome fashion with Municipal Water connections for each new build, the Township will engage in a Water Supply Master Plan Study.
      • Current water supply capacity at the Creighton Heights Water Treatment Plant is nearing its limit. The study will explore all viable options - including establishing a new supply in Baltimore or supply from Cobourg, establishing elevated storage from the existing facility in Baltimore - with projected costs for each option. 
      • Once the Water Master Plan is completed, the Township can then make decisions based on the findings and blend findings with the Official Plan, in order to move forward. Continuing to develop building lots in the area with their own wells will only aggravate the problem of high water rates / fees due to few users on the system as well as impact on aquifers.
    • Laurel Park Revitalization Project - $60,000.
      • The current playground at Laurel Park was constructed in about 1980. Many parts of the playground have been removed due to CSA requirements. The only remaining components of the playground that remain are one set of swings and one climber. The new playground will include Accessibility components and accessible wood fibre ground surfacing. This project is subject to grant funding.
      Baltimore Park Washroom Renovations - $50,000. 
      • The current washrooms at the Baltimore ballpark were constructed in 1990. The park washrooms are a seasonal facility that are used from May until October. In recent years the park has seen increased ball league and tournament play, an active walking trail and a new playground. Staff have been receiving complaints from the public regarding the state of the facility, including deteriorated and rotted counter and sinks, rusted metal bathroom stalls and deteriorated flooring. Further the washrooms have experienced years of vandalism.
      • The renovations of the facility will include new commercial toilets and urinals, new polymer stalls, stainless steel sinks and counter tops and epoxy flooring. In addition to these upgrades a new locking mechanism on a timer will be added to assist with locking the washrooms at night and opening early in the morning to assist with control of vandalism.
      Surface Treatment Projects - $797,000.
      • The following roads will be surface treated this construction season: Sully Rd, Sutter Creek Dr, Barron Subdivision, Byers Rd Payne Rd, Clapperton Rd, Hannah Rd, Bethel Grove Rd.
      • Some of the roads above will be overlays, while other roads will be pulverized with two lifts of surface treatment applied at approximately $40,000 per km. 
      • The Public Works Department have completed the majority of the prep work for these projects in-house as a cost-saving measure.
    • Hot Mix Paving Projects - $650,000
      • The following roads will receive Hot Mix Paving this construction season: Stoneridge Dr, Crossen Rd, Valleyview Cres. An engineering study of Oak St & Mill St will also be completed so plans will be available for a future construction season.
      • These projects will be contracted out in full and will include ditching, culverts, and paving.
      • Depending on the scope of work, these projects are approximately $400,000 per km. 

For additional information about these capital projects and others, please see the Business Enhancement Sheets in the 2023 Budget Packages

Water User Newsletter

Beginning in 2023, the Water User Newsletter will be sent to all municipal water system users with their water bills and will be made available online.

Read the July 2023 Water User Newsletter

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