Regulation of Dogs in the Township of Hamilton

In the Township of Hamilton, By-law 2022-43 provides for the regulation, registration, keeping and licensing of dogs, and prohibits the running at large of dogs. It also prohibits cruelty to domestic animals within the Township and identifies the set fines for any infractions, including, but not limited to:

  • Own, possess, harbour a dog - no license: $100.00
  • Failure to produce rabies vaccination certificate: $100.00
  • Failure to clean up excrement: $100.00
  • Failure to muzzle or leash a dangerous dog: $150.00
  • Animal at large; failure to restrain a dog in public : $150.00
  • Failure to provide dog with basic necessities; provide adequate shelter: $250.00

Dog Tags / Licenses

Dogs are required to be licensed in the Township of Hamilton. Fees for dog tags can be found on the fees and charges webpage and can be purchased at the Township Municipal Office in Camborne.

Lost / Missing Dogs and Cats

The Township of Hamilton has retained the Northumberland Humane Society for the provision of animal care and enforcement in the Township. 

To report a lost or missing dog or cat in Hamilton Township, please contact the Northumberland Humane Society. Please note that the Northumberland Humane Society does not handle wild animals. 

Report an Issues with a Dog or Cat

For animal control issues involving dogs or cats only, please contact the Northumberland Humane Society for assistance.

Please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources or your nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre for assistance with wild animals. 

Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program (OWDCP)

The OWDCP, a program of the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (OMAFRA), provides financial assistance to owners whose livestock or poultry have been killed or injured due to wildlife predation or whose bee colonies or beehives or related equipment have been damaged by eligible wildlife.

For issues involving wildlife attacks on livestock or bees, please contact the Clerk's Department to start the claims process. 

Wild Animal Concerns

For issues involving wild animals, please visit the Ministry of Natural Resources Fact Sheet or contact your nearest wildlife rehabilitation centre.