Discover heritage and culture, committees and places in the Township of Hamilton. 

Settlement of the Township began in the late 1700's and on February 14, 1791. The Township was officially named after Henry Hamilton, Lieutenant Governor of Quebec. By land and water we flourish is an expression of the Township's history and ongoing character, as well as its motto as seen in our Coat of Arms.

The Township has a rural charm and consists of Six Hamlets. Lake Ontario and the Town of Cobourg bound it to the south and the famous Rice Lake to the north.

A visit to Hamilton Township offers an incredible diversity of attractions for visitors with Rice Lake being the main attraction appealing to fishermen, nature lovers, water sports enthusiasts and the many people who simply wish to get away, get some fresh air, sunshine and relax.

Take a Self Guided Tour of Hamilton Township. Set your own destination and take time to tour the rich, outstanding history and heritage of Hamilton Township. Whether you are a non-resident vacationing or a Township resident "day-tripper", this tour is bound to please.

Digital Heritage Story Map: Architectural Inventory

The Township's Heritage Advisory Committee, in partnership with the Township's GIS program, has developed a digital map of 50+ heritage properties of interest throughout the Township. By visiting the Digital Heritage Story Map, you can read about the fascinating history of some of the Township's most unique existing and by-gone homes and structures, check out some never-before-seen historic and current photos, or plot a road-trip throughout the Township to visit these historical gems! 

Please keep in mind that the properties in the Heritage Story Map are private residences and are to be viewed from the street only. Please respect the home owners and do not trespass on to private property. Enjoy! 

Heritage Designations

Learn about the Designated Heritage Properties in your area.

Hamilton Township Heritage Advisory Committee

The Hamilton Township Heritage Advisory Committee helps to conserve and protect heritage properties within the municipality, under the Ontario Heritage Act.

Plaques of Hamilton Township

The Committee has compiled information and pictures of the 6 Historical Plaques in the Township of Hamilton.

The Township is surrounded with very interesting historical attractions. For example, there is the Joseph Scriven Monument which recognizes Joseph Scriven who wrote the hymn, What a Friend We have in Jesus; Mount Ararat, the highest point of the Rice Lake plains and home in 1849 to early Canadian writer Catharine Parr Traill; the Cobourg-Peterborough Railroad Causeway that once crossed Rice Lake where partially submerged remains are still visible; Ball's Mill which lets the visitor step back into time to 1842 when the unique structure began as a carding mill and saw mill.