Strategic Plan

The purpose of a Strategic Plan is to guide the decisions and actions of Council and the municipal administration in a way that will shape the direction of our community and be attuned the needs of the Township's residents and businesses.  It looks at the overall goals of our community and the strategies necessary to achieve these goals, including the allocation the human, physical or financial resource of the Township.  The Strategic Plan will have a major influence on the municipality's course of action over the next four to six years.

Briefly, the Strategic Plan identifies the following: 

Vision: Making life better by supporting and enhancing a safe, healthy, and active community.

Mission: To provide professional, effective, and efficient services within a collaborative governance model to promote the social and economic development of our community, while creating an active and safe environment.

1. Leadership - we provide sound and insightful direction and decision on issues
2. Teamwork - we work together to achieve the highest standard of performance
3. Integrity - we are going to do the right thing and be open and transparent in our dealings
4. Respect - we value and understand one another's position                                                                                                      5. Accountability and Responsibility- we stand behind our position and recommendations and deliver on our promises

The Four Pillars:
1. Effective Governance - to deliver efficient and cost-effective governance in a timely manner through leadership and respect - administer with an unbiased view.
2. Environment - to provide sustainable growth while protecting the natural features of the Township
3. Physical Assets - to acquire and maintain necessities used to provide services to the Township
4. Recreation, Culture, and Social Well-being - to promote a social and healthy environment made available for a wide variety of activities in clean, efficient, and functional facilities and parks


The Township of Hamilton Strategic Plan