2023 Strategic Plan

The purpose of a 2023 Strategic Plan is to guide the decisions and actions of Council and the municipal administration in a way that will shape the direction of our community and be attuned the needs of the Township's residents and businesses.  It looks at the overall goals of our community and the strategies necessary to achieve these goals, including the allocation the human, physical or financial resource of the Township. 

The Strategic Plan will have a major influence on the municipality's course of action over the next four to six years.

Township Strategic Pillars and Values

Strategic Pillars: Effective Governance, Environment, Physical Assets, Recreation, Culture and Social Well-beingValues: Leadership, Teamwork, Accountability & Transparency, Respect, Integrity















Strategic Plan Updates 

Strategic Plan Update: 2022 Priorities and 2021 Key Accomplishments

At the May 17, 2022 Regular Council meeting, Council received the 2022 Strategic Plan Update. The update provides an overview of the Strategic Priorities staff and Council have identified for completion (or initiation) during 2022. 

The update also identifies the key strategic plan accomplishments from 2021.