2023-2026 Strategic Plan

At the June 20, 2023 Council Meeting, Council adopted the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan. The purpose of a Strategic Plan is to guide the decisions and actions of Council and the municipal administration in a way that will shape the direction of our community and be attuned the needs of the Township's residents and businesses.  It looks at the overall goals of our community and the strategies necessary to achieve these goals.

The Strategic Plan will have a major influence on the municipality's course of action over the next four to six years.

Mission, Vision, and Values


To provide effective and efficient services delivered through accountability and respect - to promote the social, economic and environmental priorities of our community.


Making life better everyday by creating a vibrant and sustainable township we are all proud to call home.

Core Values:

Accountability and Transparency
We stand behind our commitments and recommendations and deliver on our priorities.
We value other's opinions and insights and act professionally in our interactions with each other and the public.
Service Focused
We maintain a positive attitude and are willing to assist and provide the best service possible to Council, our colleagues, and the public.
We work together to achieve the highest standard of performance
We bring together people with different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences to improve creativity and decision-making and to better represent and serve our growing community

Strategic Priorities 2023-2026

Our people are at the heart of our efforts to deliver quality services to our residents and community. The Township is committed to enabling our staff to be engaged and supported in the work that they do and in their professional and personal lives by establishing an inclusive, positive, innovative, progressive, and united workplace culture
The Township is committed to building a strong community to encourage social connections, a sense of belonging, safety, and security, and participation in a community bonded by shared progressive and inclusive attitudes, values, and goals for a fulfilling life.
Effective Governance
To deliver efficient and cost effective governance in a timely manner through leadership and respect - administer with an unbiased view
The Township of Hamilton is committed to protecting, maintaining, and raising awareness of the natural environment and greenspaces within the Township.
The Township is committed to growing our economy and residential capacity responsibly and sustainably to ensure agricultural and heritage resources are protected while affordable housing, services, and infrastructure needs are met.

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Strategic Plan 2023