The Township of Hamilton Heritage Committee is a very active group of dedicated volunteers, always looking for new ways to expand their focus in a continued effort to influence the preservation of heritage in Hamilton Township.

 2019 Heritage House Tour

Celebrate our architectural diversity with a bus ride through the Hamilton Township countryside with stops at four beautiful rural houses that you can tour, inside and out.

September 21, 2019, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. includes a light lunch and a special presentation on local architectural history.

Tickets $60; available only at Hamilton Township municipal office
Ticket sales start August 19th in person only 
For more info, call; Les Houston 905-342-3794 or click here

Designated Houses

Originally created in 1987 as the Local Architectural Conservation Advisory Committee (L.A.C.A.C.), the Committee has assisted the Township in designating 46 properties throughout Hamilton Township (list of designated houses).

Heritage Library

The Committee has also compiled a library at the Hamilton Township Office, which offers an amazing architectural history as well as a general history of the Township. The library is available for viewing during regular Municipal Office hours, however, if you wish to borrow items from the library arrangements would have to be made. 

Heritage Committee Library Listing 

Plaques of Hamilton Township

The Committee has compiled information and pictures of the 6 Historical Plaques in the Township of Hamilton.

Heritage Plaque Programme

In 2005, the Committee established the Township of Hamilton Heritage Committee Heritage Plaque Programme. The Heritage Plaque Programme is not the same as having your home designated. To qualify for the Heritage Plaque Programme, your home or property must be 100 years or older. More information on the Programme and Programme Applications are available in the Heritage Plaque Programme Brochure. Additional information is also included in the Heritage Plaque Programme Fold-Out

Self Guided Tour

The Heritage Committee is pleased to present the "Self Guided Tour" of Hamilton Township. Set your own destination and time to tour the rich, outstanding history and heritage of Hamilton Township. Whether you are a non-resident vacationing or a Township resident "day-tripper", this tour is bound to please.

Rice Lake Heritage Boat Tour

Guide documents

 The Establishment of Churches in Hamilton Township

In 1996 the Township of Hamilton celebrated its 200th Anniversary. The Heritage Committee was involved in organizing a dinner and ecumenical church service. Local historian Catherine Milne delivered a sermon describing Canada's introduction to faith, the movement of Christianity into Hamilton Township and the impact religion had on the different hamlets, depicted by the churches. 


The Establishment of Schools in Hamilton Township

A history of the Township school system dating back to the first common school in 1829 located in Cobourg.