Marriage Services in Hamilton Township

The Township of Hamilton is pleased to offer a variety of Marriage Services to residents and visitors in the Township. 

How to Get a Marriage License

Couples who are getting married in Ontario need to complete a Marriage License Application, which must be signed by both individuals and submitted to the Clerks Department. A marriage licence is valid for three months from the date it was issued.

To get a marriage licence, you will need to:

  1. Complete a Marriage License Application
  2. If you are re-marrying after getting a divorce in Canada, you must bring the original(s) certificate of divorce to your appointment with the Clerks Department (Step 3). Please visit the  Province of Ontario's Marriage webpage for special requirements if you were divorced outside of Canada.
  3. Schedule an appointment with the Clerks Department. Only one of the applicants needs to attend the appointment with the completed application and two (2) pieces of government-issued identification for each person getting married. One piece of identification must include a photo of the applicants. 
    • Examples of government-issued identification:
      • government-issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates
      • valid passport
      • record of immigrant landing
      • Canadian Citizenship Card
      • valid driver’s licence
      • valid Ontario Photo Card
  4. Pay the Marriage License Fee when submitting your Marriage License Application. 

For more information on getting married in Ontario, please visit the Province of Ontario's Marriage webpage.

Civil Marriage Solemnization Services

The Township has three authorized marriage officiants on staff to provide civil marriage ceremonies. Township Officiants are able to perform civil marriage ceremonies anywhere in Ontario. With six ceremonies to choose from, these ceremonies are an excellent alternative to a Justice-of-the-Peace or for couples wishing for a non-denominational ceremony. Township officiants are also available to perform Vow Renewal Ceremonies. 

Ceremonies can be booked for a fee any day of the year, subject to availability. 

To inquire about civil marriage ceremonies or to book an Officiant, please contact the Clerks Department.

Facility Bookings for Civil Marriage Ceremonies and Celebrations

The Council Chambers at 8285 Majestic Hills Drive in Camborne are available for rental, subject to availability. The Township office grounds are also available for photographs.

The Township also has several banquet halls and facilities available for rent to host your ceremony, celebration, Jack and Jill, and/or bridal showers. All facilities have accessible washrooms, tables and chairs, and many have bars and full kitchens designed to accommodate caterers and food preparation.