Accessibility Advisory Committee

This Committee has worked actively since its creation to complete an Accessibility Plan for the Township as required under The Ontario with Disabilities Act, 2001(ODA), and to update the plan annually. The Committee has inspected every park and every municipal building in the Township to plan for accessibility for all.  All areas needing improvement have been included in the plan and all related works must be completed within a specified period of time. The Accessibility Committee has met with various Committees of the Township to ensure that accessibility is included in their planning of events, renovations or reconstruction of facilities, and in long term capital plans.

Committee Members (2019-2022)

Brenda Malowney

Nancy Blakely

Bruce Buttar

Councillor Mark Lovshin

Mike Gibson, Community Care Northumberland Specialized Transportation

Committee Objectives

The objectives for the Committee in its mandate include:

To prepare and implement annual accessibility plans as specified by the ODA;
To advocate on behalf of persons with disabilities;
To review and advise Council on the following:

  • plans of new and existing municipal buildings
  • new and existing municipal by-laws;
  • policies;
  • purchases;
  • significant renovations;
  • leased facilities or any other facility used as a municipal building;
  • municipal capital facilities under the Municipal Act;
  • goods and services provided by the municipalities or agents providing services under contract with the municipality;

 To promote public awareness and understanding of the needs of disabled persons;
 To encourage improved services which will enable persons with disabilities to live a full and productive life;
 To provide advice to Council on other issues of importance to persons with disabilities.

Meeting Schedule 2021
2019 Meetings

January 6, 2021

4:00pm  Virtual Zoom Meeting

April 7, 2021 

1:00pm Virtual Zoom Meeting

July 7, 2021

1:00pm  Virtual Zoom Meeting
October 6, 2021 1:00pm  Virtual Zoom Meeting

Public Awareness and Understanding

It is hoped that all businesses in the municipality will consider the need to have their offices, buildings or entrances meet standards to ensure that they are accessible for persons with disabilities.

Please also consider the access from where vehicles are parked up to and including the building. Quite often, the inside of a building is accessible but a person with disabilities may not be able to get up to and into the building.

Plans and Policies

Township of Hamilton Accessibility Plan  (updated April 2018)

Schedule 'A' Accessibility Plan (updated June 2015)

Schedule 'B' Accessibility Plan (updated June 2015)

Schedule 'C' Accessibility Plan (updated June 2015)

Schedule 'D' Accessibility Plan (June 2015)

Accessible Customer Service Standards Policy (By-law 2009-59)

Accessibility Policy

Update to Accomplishments 2018 - 2019

Update to Accomplishments 2020-2021

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