Zoning By-law

The Zoning By-Law sets out how a specific parcel of land may be used, this includes the type and placement of buildings on a property. You can apply to change the use of property through a Zoning By-law Amendment.

Make sure to check the zoning regulations before you start Building and Renovating.

 Comprehensive Zoning By-law 2001-58

Complete Zoning By-law

Section 5: General Provisions 

Section 6: Permanent Agriculture (PA)

Section 7: Marginal Agriculture (MA)

Section 8: Estate Residential (ER)

Section 9: Rural Residential (RR)

Section 10: Limited Service Residential (LSR)

Section 11: Waterfront Residential (WR)

Section 12: Mobile Home Residential (MHR)

Section 13: Urban Residential First Density (UR1)

Section 14: Urban Residential Second Density (UR2)

Section 15: Urban Multiple Residential (UMR)

Section 16: Rural Commercial (RC)

Section 17: Rural Highway Commercial (RHC)

Section 18: Waterfront Resort Commercial (WRC)

Section 19: Hamlet Commercial (HC)

Section 20: Rural Industrial (RI)

Section 21: Hamlet Industrial (HI)

Sections 22 & 23: Mineral Extractive 'A' (MXA) & 'B' (MXB)

Section 24: Waste Disposal (WD)

Section 25: Community Facility (CF)

Section 26: Open Space (OS)

Sections 27 & 28: Environmental Protection-Wetland (EP-W) & Environmentally Sensitive Areas (ESA)

Sections 29 through 35: Oak Ridges Moraine Environmental (ORME), Core (ORMC), Linkage (ORML), Countryside (ORMCO), Rural Settlement (ORMRS), Mineral Extractive (ORMME) & Environmental Plan Review (ORMEPR)

Appendix A, B, C & D

If you wish to make a complaint regarding a contravention to the Zoning By-law, please complete a General Complaint Form and submit it to the Planning Department.