You have to make plans before you build. The Zoning By-law and the Official Plan control planning functions. The Ontario Planning Act and the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan also help control land use. A pre-consultation meeting may be set up by contacting the Planning Co-ordinator.

The Township of Hamilton's Planning Department and Building Department services include the processing of Planning Application Forms, Site Plan approvals and Building Permits.

Please review the Applicant's Guide for detailed information on the processing of each application.

Planning Application Forms

Minor Variance

Use our Minor Variance Application if you need to make small changes to zoning requirements. It applies when there is a need for a building to exceed height or size requirements, or to be closer to a property line.

Consent to Sever

Use our Consent Application if you need to modify a single lot. A consent application, or severance, may create a new lot, make an addition to an existing lot, or create a right to use part of a lot.

Zoning By-law Amendment

Use our Zoning By-law Amendment Application to apply for site-specific changes to your property's zoning.

Official Plan Amendment

Use our Official Plan Amendment Application to apply for changes to the Official Plan.

Plan of Subdivision

Use our Subdivision Application if you would like to apply for the creation of lots on a larger piece of property. Council and citizens can consider the need for your development, the status of water, sanitary systems, roads as well as environmental factors and features.

Northumberland County Council is the Subdivision Approval Authority; they too have an application process. Please contact the County Planning Department for information on the requirements of Subdivision Approval at the County level.

Extraordinary Expense Agreement

Some applications require that the applicant enter an Extraordinary Expense Agreement with the Township. Contact us to book an appointment to discuss the requirements.

Site Plan Agreement

A site plan ensures that development proceeds as approved and to minimize impacts. It is a detailed plan of development that shows the location of buildings, services, driveways, walkways, parking, landscaping and how these relate to surrounding uses. Contact us to book an appointment to discuss the requirements of your site plan.

Fees and Charges Schedule 'G' Planning

By-Law Number 2017-15 Fees and Charges

Schedule G Planning

Zoning Compliance Letters $75.00
Subdivision - Application Fee $2,000.00
Subdivision - Deposit or Enter into an Agreement $5,000.00
Minor Variances - Existing Structures $300.00
Minor Variances - New Structures $600.00
Consent to Sever - Consent New Lot $800.00
Consent to Sever - Consent Lot Addition $800.00
Consent to Sever - Consent Other $800.00
Zoning Amendments - Condition of Consent $900.00
Zoning Amendments - Site Specific $1,000.00
Zoning Amendments - Expense Deposit $3,000.00
Zoning Amendments - Remove Holding Zone $1,000.00
Official Plan Amendments - Application Fee $2,000.00
Official Plan Amendments - Expense Deposit $3,000.00

Other Governing Documents

Ontario Planning Act

Provincial Policy Statement

Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan

Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe

Greenbelt Plan

Northumberland County Official Plan

 Building Permit

Other Contacts:

Ganaraska Region Conservation Authority
T 905-885-8173

Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (Kingston)
T 613-545-2120
Toll Free 1-800-267-9438