By-Law Number 2017-15 Fees and Charges

Miscellaneous Front Desk
Map of Northumberland County $5.00 plus HST
Large Map of Hamilton Township $25.00 plus HST
Photocopies Black and White $0.50 plus HST
Photocopies Colour $0.75 plus HST
Resident Commision of Oath $5.00
Non-resident Commission of Oath $15.00
Marriage Performance $350.00 plus $100.00 for Council Chamber rental
Marriage Licence $125.00
Lottery License 3% of prize $10.00 minimum
Freedom of Information Request $5.00 plus cost recovery
Record of Information Search $7.50 per 15 minutes plus HST
Closed Meeting Investigation $25.00
Fence Viewer Administration Fee $250.00