Township of Hamilton Responds to COVID-19


Is there a Property Tax Relief plan?

The Township of Hamilton is looking for ways to assist residents during this time and various options are being considered. Currently the Township will waive penalties and interest on late property tax payments for April, May, June and July to support individuals and businesses struggling financially due to COVID-19. By waiving the penalties and interests, the Township is hoping to give residents, who are in need, more time to make their payments.

Residents and businesses who are able are asked to  pay their property taxes on the scheduled due dates, as this will help Township of Hamilton to continue providing essential services. However, the Municipality recognizes under the current unique circumstances some residents and businesses may require additional time.

Has the due date for water bill been extended?

The water bill due date has been extended by two months, from May 25th to July 25th, 2020. Water ratepayers can expect to receive their bills in late April.

How can I make payments if the Municipal Office is closed to the Public?

We have multiple payment options available to help you pay your property taxes.

Methods of Payment:

1. Online Banking

  • Using your online Bank, search for Hamilton Township, in a drop down menu Hamilton Township Taxes will appear. There could also be a similar version or short form of this, depending upon your financial institution.
  • Remember that your tax roll number is your account number. All account numbers will be 19 digits and start with 1419, ending with 0000.

2. Mail in cheques or place them in the secure drop box at Township office:

8285 Majestic Hills Dr, Cobourg, ON K9A 4J7

3. You can make tax payments at your local branch. Please remember to bring your bill to the bank with you!

4. Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

You can set up pre-authorized payments by:

  • PAP payments have the option of withdraws:
    • 3 times per year on the installment dates
    • 10 times per year from February to November withdrawn on the 3rd of the month (or following business day if the 3rd falls on a weekend or a statutory holiday)
    • Printing out and completing our pre-authorized payment form
    • Choosing your plan
    • Attaching a void cheque or pre-authorized debit bank form
    • Sending it to us by email ( or mail 

How can I make Water Bill payments if the Municipal Office is closed to the Public?

We have multiple payment options available to help you pay your water bill.

Methods of Payment:

1. At the bank

  • You can pay your water bill at your bank; remember to bring your water bill with you. 

2. Online with your financial institution

  • Search for Hamilton, then search for some form of Hamilton Township Water, enter your water account number which is located at the top left portion of your most current water bill without the decimal points (8 digits in total)

3. Pre-Authorized Payments

  • Your water account must be current to go on this plan

  • Fill out our pre-authorized form located on our website under How to Pay your water bill

  • Attach a VOID cheque or pre-authorized debit bank form

  • Return via:  

    • Email

    • Drop off to secure drop box located at Township office (8285 Majestic Hills Dr, Cobourg, ON K9A 4J7), or

    • Fax to 905-342-2818

What about the post-dated cheques I provided for my property tax payments?

Post-dated payments will be processed as normal, unless directed by the property owner. If you can pay your property taxes, please continue to do so. By waiving the penalties and interests, the Township is hoping to give residents, who are in need, more time to make their payments.

If you would like the Township to not process your post-dated cheque, please indicate this in writing by emailing

I am on a pre-authorized payment plan (PAP), how will I be affected?

The Township is continuing with all PAP withdrawals as normal, unless directed by the property owner. If you can pay your property taxes, please continue to do so.

If you wish to withdraw from the PAP program, please complete and email the PAP Cancellation form to

If I withdraw from the Pre-authorized Payment Plan, can I return to the plan later?

Anyone who wishes to re-enroll on the pre-authorized payment plan must be aware that all overdue amounts must be paid in full prior to enroll as the system does not allow enrollments with owing amounts on the account. 

Re-enrollments will be treated as new applications and therefore, an application form will need to be filled out and a void cheque provided to the Township.

How does a resident who pays through their mortgage defer taxes?

Residents must contact their Financial Institution and determine whether they can and if so, the Financial Institution must contact the Township. The Financial Institution must advise the Township to remove the resident from their listing as the taxes are no longer paid through their mortgage.

How can I make Tax certificate requests?

Tax certificate requests should be mailed or placed in the secure drop box at the Municipal office in writing along with a cheque of $40.

The Tax Certificate request can also be made via fax and faxing a copy of the cheque being issued.

Tax Certificate will not be mailed until payment is received.

Please ensure to identify the property by including the property location and/or address, legal description and assessment roll number as applicable.

For more information email or call 905-342-2810 X104


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 Closures and Cancellations

 Due to concerns related to COVID-19, all Hamilton Township Facilities are closed to the public until further notice. This includes, the Municipal Office, Arena’s and Municipal Playgrounds.

Other Information

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