Fees & Charges

The Council of the Township of Hamilton approved a new Fees and Charges By-law # 2017-15 at their Regular meeting held April 18, 2017.
By-law 2017-15 is a by-law to impose Fees and Charges on any class of persons for services or activities provided to them by the Corporation of the Township of Hamilton.

By-law 2017-15 (The fees outlined on Schedules 'A' to 'I' may be subject to applicable HST).
Schedule 'A' - Finance
Schedule 'B' - Administration
Schedule 'C' - Municipal Animal Services
Schedule 'D' - Fire
Schedule 'E' - Building
Schedule 'F' - By-law
Schedule 'G' - Planning
Schedule 'H' - Public Works/Water
Schedule  'I' - Parks and Recreation

By-law 2004-39 Park Levy Fee $1000.00

Police False Alarm By-law 2007-43

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